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Stress fracture in foot won't heal, help!

My stress fracture in my foot(4th metatarsal) occured in November 2009. Almost 14 months later, I am still in a lot of pain and cannot even think about running. I have always been an active person and an athlete and I'm about to go crazy!

Initially, the stress fracture was not found because it was too small to show up on an Xray. I eventually had an MRI done and it found the fracture. I was put in a walking boot for 3 months, and then attemped weight bearing regular walking. There was still a lot of pain, so I was back in the boot for another month, same result. I got fed up with the first doctor, because they didn't seem to really care about me....so I got a second opinion. About 3 months ago, my second doctor put me in custom orthotics($350 later) and I've had numerous adjustments. I'm still in about the same amount of pain as I was a month after the original break. I just do not feel like the bone healed correctly, and need another opinion. My second doctors swears on her life that surgery is not the answer, that the bone has already healed. Why am I still in such pain if the bone healed correctly? Any opinions would be appreciated, I'm reaching frustration phase, and my tolerance in this area is quite high.

The break occured during an impact in a soccer game, 50/50 ball. I lost!
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I had ankle fusion and feel that I have a stress fracture on the top of my foot but I do not get any feedback other than there was no hardware failure.  You just have to keep at them, keep a pain log that is as detailed as you can... and show where and when and how badly you are hurting... maybe that will help your diagnosis.... good luck.
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