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Stress fracture won't heal

I too have a stress fracture in my right foot (3rd and 5th metasarsal) that happened 6 months ago.  It has never shown up on xray, but an MRI found the fracture.  I have been fitted for a custom insert, and it seemed to be improving, but anytime I move my foot quickly, it's like it gets strained, and I have a lot of pain again.  I'm at my wit's end.  I have been to endochronologist who has found no underlying causes.  I'm looking for any kind of ideas!
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They did not even put you in a boot? I am kind of surprised.  I have had two stress fractures in my foot one for at least 6 months and when it was found I went into a boot. The other I have no idea has I have had other problems with the foot as well. But this doctor put me in cast for almost 7 weeks. Also are you taking vitamin d3 and vitamin k2?

I hope this helps,
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