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Sudden Chronic localized pain in foot

Hello, Recently i have been experiencing a horrible deep pain in my foot. It occurs on the right side of the right foot about halfway in between the pinky toe and the ankle about halfway, and a centimeter in from the outside of the foot. the area of pain is about the size of a quarter but is very intense, i would compare to a fracture. Pain occurs when walking or applying pressure to the right side of the foot. there is no noticeable swelling in comparison to the other foot. i would normally write this off as nothing, but the weird thing is is that it all started when i woke up one morning there was no prior pain or other buildup, there is no bite marks, no bruising, just a terrible pain. i tried to wait it out a day, but the pain stayed with up until i fell asleep. when i woke up the next day the pain was reduced, but continued throughout the day. When i woke up this morning however, the pain was worse than ever, i tried to stand and nearly fell. could you please tell me whether this may be something life threatening such as perhaps a clot in the foot (does that happen), or maybe bone or tendon trauma?
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Foot pain can be very debilitating.  In the area on the outer foot, some causes include occult fracture (e.g. stress fracture), soft tissue masses (e.g. neuromas, ganglion cysts), and referred pain.

A podiatrist can help to further evaluate pain in this area.

Enoch Choi, MD
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I had similar pain but on the inside of my foot, it was a very very tiny stress fracture.  With about 3 weeks rest and physiotherapy it went away and have had no problems since (touch wood!)You should get it checked out though and rest

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Did you ever find out what happened?  I seem to have the same thing now.  

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I have the same thing right now as well.  I woke up and was, still am, in pain for no reason.  I am active and do run but hadn`t exercised for a few days before this pain so I don`t know why it happened now as opposed to the morning after a workout.  I am not on my feet at work either.  I guess I`ll go see a podiatrist if this persists.
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The same thing just started happening to me. I woke up with terrible pain in my foot when I put pressure on it. I hadn't done anything special the day before. It came out of nowhere but I can barely walk on it. If it doesn't go away I guess I'll see a doctor.
My problem turned out to be a viral infection that has a name but I've forgot what it is.  Treatment with CEFDINIR had the pain gone within a day or two
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I just read all these comments and I am having the EXACT same problem ! can someone please help me ? I don't know what to do and I can barely walk. What is this :S I'm a worry wort so please help me if you can!!
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