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Sudden Sharp Ankle Pain

Hello! I have Fibrous Dysplasia (INFO HERE:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibrous_dysplasia_of_bone ) in my entire Left leg, including my ankle. I am under the care of an Orthopedic Oncologist for this condition. For the past year I have had a pain in my ankle where I can be walking or running and suddenly my Left ankle feels like it breaks in the joint and then after one second the pain is gone. Sometimes it hurts so bad that it causes tears. Most of the time there is no lingering pain either, unless the severity goes up. The frequency in which it occurs can change significantly. Sometimes it will happen once a day, other times, once a week/month. I have read about symptoms of ankles "catching" and I dont think that is whats happening but I'm not sure. It really feels like my ankle bone is breaking. I have seen a regular Orthopedic doc about this and he took x-rays and he thought I could have an OCD but never gave me a complete diagnosis. He did an MRI after the xray and discovered my Fibrous Dysplasia and sent me to my Ortho Oncologist. My Orthopedic Oncologist doesnt have an aswer for me either on this sudden pain. I know that with Fibrous Dysplasia, you have pain but I dont have these pains with the rest of my leg (its more like a dull achy pain). I haven't injured my ankle either. Can anyone give me an info on this or thoughts about what it could be? Even some places to research more info would be helpful. Thank you!! :)  
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