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Sudden hip pain in 19 year old female

2 weeks ago, I noticed my hip was starting to hurt. It started off as a dull barley there, but noticeable pain. Now 2 weeks later, the pain Is so severe it's making it hard to walk,  or even lay down.  It's making it hard to move my left leg at all, and I'm getting worried about it. I have knee problems,  and just had surgery in February on the left knee and I dont known if it's related or not. Any help would be appreciated,  as I want to get back to feeling normal!
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Have you ever been told you have sciatica? It's when the sciatic nerve gets pinched and the pain radiates down your left side, usually from the hip down. ( I'm way over simplifying but there's a reason I didn't attempt to become a doctor lol) There are several easy to do on your own exercises that will dramatically help until you can see your doctor. Just search Sciatica and there will be hundreds of useful suggestions. I hope it isn't something more serious but believe me, just because Sciatica is pretty common doesnt mean it doesnt hurt like the dickens and it needs to be taken seriously so you don't unintentionally over correct your gait and end up hurting yourself worse. Good Luck
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