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Superspinatus Tendon Retraction & Bicep Tear

I have state health care coverage in Portland, Oregon with only One Ortho Surgeon on the plan at OHSU.  I have a bicep tear and a superspinatus retraction of 2 inches.  My MRI also showed bone spurs on the underside of the clavical and they are bone on bone with my femur head.

I am a bodybuilder wanting to do my first competition before I'm 50 (that's less than 2 years away).  I am in good physical condition otherwise.  Have had to stop upper body, shoulder workouts for the last 6 months.  I saw an Ortho Phys Assist and with his findings, etc he said that I should keep the appt with the Ortho Surgeon, cuz therapy won't help all of this.  My Primary care doc's office tried to get the referral again for the Ortho Surgeon, but he says I don't need any type of surgery.  I know my body, never had surgery before and I know that physical therapy will NOT take care of the bone spurs and might not even help me get back to curling 35lbs or more.

I am a fittness & nutrition major who has 24 years of ballet,tap,jazz...about 15yrs tennis, softball, soccer, swimming and diving, ice skating and over 25 years of body building.  To do a competition is the only goal I have left that I can attain, age wise and need to find out how I can find a surgeon that will do this surgery pro-bono.

Please help me and give me suggestions of where i can go or who I can talk to to get this fixed.  The insurance company's Ortho Phys Assist was more than happy to give me pain medication and how to get disability coverage.  I don't want to be on "the system and a Pain Rx junkie" I want to get this fixed so I can continue with my goals and my personal business and my BA in fine arts.

Thank you, my email is ***@****
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Can't you call the insurance company and get a list of ortho docs in Portland that take the Oregon Health Plan?

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You absolutely need surgery!  Your rotator cuff might not be able to be repaired with that much retraction but a good surgeon would at least try!  You also need the bone spurs cleaned up because if they are left there, they will just continue to rub against the humeral head and cause more and more arthritis and you will be miserable!  (They'll also continue to   Maybe your P.A. can get you into a University for surgery.  Best of luck!
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