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Swelling in lower leg after miniscus surgery ?

I just had  miniscus repair surgery 9 days ago and surgeon said my knee showed a whole lot of wear and tear as well. I think the surgery took and I was getting better until 2 days ago. From my knee down is swollen and red and painful. I went in to see my surgeon yesterday and he sent me directly to get an ultra sound which was negative for blood clots. I was more active on the day it starting swelling but my doc said to keep walking on it. My question is if this is normal with this surgery or have I over done it ? Should I wear a ace bandage or brace when walking ? (the bandage sure does make it feel better)...Thanks for any response
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Is it warm too? Are you running a fever? My thoughts would be a possibility of infection. Warm, painful and fever are signs of infection. If the age bandage helps there is no harm in using it. I would also suggest gradual increased activities as your knee permits. Maybe you would benefit from a little PT too.
I am glad they ruled out a blood clot. Good luck to you!
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Thanks !   Compared to other leg it'a a little warmer but I don't think I'm running a fever. I asked my surgeon Monday and he and his assistant said it wasn't infected which is what I thought all along until seeing him. I believe they took my temperature because I don't know how else they could rule out infection. Thanks for your response.
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