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Swelling lasts for a week after a sprain

First of all, sorry for my english, I'm not very familiar with medical terms and phrases. I hope it will be enough for you to understand my problem.

Today is exactly one week after I sprained my ankle while playing tennis.

Immediately after a sprain, I probably did stupid thing, because I stood up, tested my foot and since I've felt almost no pain at all, the problem was only in some stiffness, or limited motion of foot in certain directions, I decided to continue playing tennis for one hour more.

When I came home, there was little swelling and ankle started to give me more trouble, minimal pain.
Next day there was some more pain (only when stepping over limit), but really not much, but the swelling was pretty large and I limped that day because I couldn't make full step with it, it was only partially flexible when walking, there was limit to the movement of foot/ankle while walking, beyond which pain appeared.

Second day of recovery, I could walk almost without any problem, but the swelling changed, around the ankle it was smaller, but it extended towards toes, probably because I was rubbing and massaging it with DeepRelief gel.

Third day I could walk normally, but the swelling was still there, looking very similar as it did day before.

I have to mention that since day one of the injury, there was no, or almost no pain in my foot or ankle, the biggest problem was this stiffness and limitation of it's movement. I was using Deep Relief regularly for that period and rested alot.

From day four to day six, the swelling almost totally disappeared, there was no pain, I could walk normally, but only thing which lasted was this limit of motion in foot and ankle as well as pain if you push it over limit or try running for few steps, so pressure on ankle was causing pain.

Another problem is that on day six I accidentaly worsened my condition by hitting my foot to pavement while walking in the street and once while walking in bumpy terrain I stepped on something, some bump and felt brief pain when my foot twisted again in wrong direction.

So today, day seven, my condition is somewhat worse than it was before, swelling is larger again, but not as large as it was at day one or two. There was no bruise I could see, through entire period of recovery, first to last day. Also, since(and including) day four I haven't been using Deep relief gel any more. Until today..

Also, what kind of scared me today, was that I can only move my foot for about 50-60% of normal movement, after I move it to that limit, I start feeling tension and uncomfort, stiffness maybe, but not pain in ankle. This limitation is enough for me to walk normally, without any problems, even today.

I just haven't noticed that this limit is still so significant, so I'm worried about it.

I would like you to answer me if it's possible that there's something broken in my foot, or dislocated, since it has already been a week from the injury and there's still this swelling and limit to motion, sort of stiffness.

This is not my first ankle sprain in life, I healed it without going to doctor last time, I just don't remember if it took so long to recover and for that swelling to disappear.
I'd like to heal it without doctor this time too, as currently I'm very busy and I have a lot of obligations and really, last thing I need is hospital treatment or even worse, operation, etc.

Thank you very much for your answer in advance. Any help, explanation of reasons why my condition is as it is today, is appreciated.
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