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Synvisc for Ankle Arthritis?

Need information on synvisc
injections "off label" for ankle
arthritis.  Will travel anywhere
for a doctor that is doing this
precedure.  Can you help
me find a doc? I am in the
Baltimore area, but have
not been able to locate
a dr. using synvisc for the
ankle. Could you point me
in the right direction?
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Any orthopedician can give you a Synvisc injection. You would need to go to the nearest orthopedician and take an appointment.

Before that go for X-ray and diagnose if you have any osteoarthritis or cartilage wasting for which you want to take synvisc injections

It cannot be useful in all types of joint pains and synvisc is not a pain killer it will help to alleviate the pain in some cases of partial cartilage loss and it consists of hyaluronate.

Take care!
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Thank you for the information, but however I am having a problem finding an orthopedic
doctor in Balto that is giving snynvisc in the ankle.  Do you have a source for locating
a doctor in the Balto/Washington area.

Thank you
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Need to locate a doctor to inject synvisc in my ankle??
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I realize this is an old post but I would like to add that Dr. Mark Myerson at Mercy Medical Center can be a Synvisc ankle injection.  I had to pay out-of-pocket for the injection since insurance will only cover for knees.
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Just got my first injection in Ankle my Dr a sport's orthopod has had an 80 percent sucess rate...the problem is i am experiencing incredible painful side effects from tbe treatment hklefully short lived...any co.ments out tbere
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