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Synvisc for the Ankle?

Hello everyone,

              I just joined this forum a few days ago. I was researching Synvisc for my husband, whose doctor is recommending the injections for his ankle. The doctor was very frank with him, telling him that it is not yet FDA approved for ankles, but it is a permitted "off label" use. Apparently it has been approved in Europe, and the doc feels it is imminent in the U.S.

               My husband, Gerry, broke his ankle in a motorcycle accident when hew was 21. He is now 56, works a physical job where he is on his feet most of the day, and has been in pain for the past 10 years. He has been in SEVERE pain for the last two years, and EXCRUTIATING pain for the last six months.

               He's been taking the glucosamine since it first came out, he elevates and ices it every evening, has had a chiropractor give him some kind of "electro" therapy.  He finally agreed to see an orthopedist who took X-rays (the chiro never did) and showed Gerry that there is simply no cartilage left in there; the pain is from bone on bone.

                The doc gave him a cortisone injection that day, which took a few days to kick in, and that has provided some relief. The doctor suggested ankle replacement surgery, but the recovery time is too long right now. Besides the fact that we don't have health insurance and would be paying 100% ourselves, he would not be able to get 2 to 3 months off from work.

                 The doctor then suggested the Synvisc.  So my question is, has anyone here tried it? What has your experience been?

                  Sorry if this so long.  I look forward to hearing from someone.   Thank You!


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Hope someone sees this.

Gerry is having the first shot tomorrow.

Thank you.
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I am suffering from the same issue of no cartilage - 44 yr. old female.  Just had arthroscopy to try to clean out the joint but I am not sure it worked.  Did the synvisc work for your husband?
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Just wondering how the synvisc worked for your husband.  I am contemplating an ankle replacement but would like to try something less invasive first.

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I have just had my 1st SYNVISC injection. I have no cartilage in my knee, after 4 ops. I am due to see the consultant for no 2 tomorrow. BUT I do have a few questions before the jab. I too live in constant 24/7 pain, but injection no 1 has made no difference yet, oh & it hurt like hell during & for 4 days after. I am still on 2 crutches, I only usually need 1 walking stick.
Do your research & don't be afraid to ask to many questions.
All the very best to you.
Toothfairytracie x  
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Synvisc is not a drug to relieve pain, it will take time in acting as this is one of the hyaluronates used in viscosupplementation. Synvisc is a treatment for osteoarthritis which is injected directly into the knee joint.
Take care!
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Just had no 2 injection of SYNVISC. I had a lot of questions before the injection, as I had suffered with extreme discomfort since no 1, & was worried it has irritated the joint. You, as I have had to, put your hands, faith & trust in your surgeons hands. He has assured me that he did not expect anything from no 1, but I should start to get some relief from no 2 & no 3.
There is not a lot of info out there on SYNVISC in the UK, but there is in America. What I have learnt is it is only a lubricant & will NOT help with pain relief.
As I said before ask plenty of questions.
Hope I am helping.
Toothfairytracie x
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