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Tendonitis in my knee causing severe shin pain?

Maybe someone can help me. For the past four months I have been experience really severe pain in my lower right leg. I have had shin splints before. I did the anti inflammatories, icing, rest, return to running slowly... etc. The pain persisted. The pain hurts when I run for longer than 5 minutes and hurts the duration of the run, and continues hurting the whole day. I had a bone scan and MRI done. THe MRI concluded there were no stress fractures (which surprised me because my pain is very localized--just a two inch patch on my mid tibia that hurt to the palpitated touch). The bone scan showed activity and inflammation in my knee and ankle. The PA I went to told me that it is tendonitis in my knee with referred pain. I just want to be sure. I only feel pain in my knee when I'm actually running. After I'm done running, the pain is localized in my tibia. Has anyone experienced something similar? It is actually patellar tendonitis? It just seems weird to me that a injury in my knee doesn't really hurt my knee that much but severly hurts my shins...
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You are having a chronic tendonitis problem.
It is always good not to disturb the weak tendon and not to exert by going for running.
I advice you to do other forms of excercise: weights, rowing and involving other parts of the body more than your knee.
At the knee joint there are many tendons and ligaments, the part of the knee which is hurting you is the insertion of that particular tendon so this is causing it.
Remember that tendons are extensions of your muscle and when you work out that muscle the tendon is getting effected!

Take care and follow your clinician's advise.
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Last year my doctor ran a Vitamin D test on me and I was at an 8 which is really low. Once he put me on 1000 IU of Vitamin D a day the tendonitis disappeared within 2 weeks. I have suffered with it in my shoulders since 2004.

Without enough Vitamin D in your body, your body can't absorb calcium thus it is leached out into your joints causing tendonitis.

My shoulders are back to normal strength now and feeling great, its has been 7 months and not a sign of tendonitis yet. My orthopaedic ran x-rays and its gone.
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I too had a very low Vitamin D result of 20.  For the past two weeks I have had knee pain when standing, sitting and turning side to side...not always.  Shortly after that pain spread to my shins and up the back of legs.  I am starting on vitamin D today and hopefully will alleviate the problem.
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