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Tennis elbow, radial neck fracture or.....

I took a spill on October 3, hitting the floor on my right elbow and right rib.  After the initial impact, the elbow didn't hurt that much and was overshadowed by the much greater pain of the rib which it turned out, later, was broken.  The elbow didn't bother me for a few weeks, but for the past 6 weeks has been getting worse and worse.  I can't even lift a coffee cup without pain.  I thought it was tennis elbow (tho had never had it before) but then I remembered I had fallen right on that elbow. so I had it x-rayed by an orthopedic surgeon.  AND got a second opinion as it was increasingly debilitating.  So it turns out I had a small radial neck elbow fracture AND  lateral epicondylitis.(the fancy term for tennis elbow).  I have been wearing a lightweight brace for 6 weeks hoping the symptoms will subside.but I am totally baffled as to the diagnosis.  If this is from a fracture, why did it take weeks to become so debilitating?  Just about 50% of everything hurts - i.e, getting dressed, making bed,  turning the key in my car, etc I'm going back to hand & elbow doc later this month for re-xray. And maybe a more definitive evaluation. Wondering if anyone had similar experience with radial neck fracture complicated by tennis elbow and whether you had any success in getting over it?. If so, any recommendations appreciated.
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I think any time a pain is 'getting worse and worse" over time, it makes good sense to go see your doctor.  I'm glad you are going back to the doctor.  You say "hand and elbow doc"--  this is the orthopedic surgeon you saw who said you had a fracture? They just gave you a brace?  You are in too much pain for this to continue, I agree.  I'd see how soon you can get in.  Perhaps they need different intervention than just the brace . . .  obviously.  There are type 1 and type 2 fractures and they may have missed which.  When can you get back into the doctor?
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my radial fracture was just re-xayed and now shows it is healed finally so I can begin physical therapy. Will start next week. Hoping it helps! Thanks for your reply.
Oh, excellent!!  Let me know how physical therapy goes.  I am a fan for the most part of PT when you get a good person.  Life can change on a dime with an injury and we take for granted our ability to do things like move our arm no more.  :>)  
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