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Tenosynovitis/Bursitis in foot not healing :(

Hi there - I am really hoping someone can help me here as I am going nuts!

I have had tenosynovitis/bursitis in the extensor tendons on the top of one of my feet for 3 months and it is not improving. I am hoping someone has some experience with something similar who can help me/share their experience as it is getting me really down.

A run-down of what's happened to date.

pre-September 2015 - I had been going running infrequently (say one/twice per week on average) for 30 minutes around my local park.

September 2015 -  I increased my running to daily intervals with no rest periods, started running on a treadmill and almost doubled my running time. I also bought new shoes which I didn't wear in.

I started noticing pain across the top of my foot but kept walking/running through it. I then started noticing swelling on the top of my foot which (along with the pain) got progressively worse.

October 2015 - I investigated the pain and swelling by having a doppler ultrasound down my leg (unremarkable). I also had an x-ray (also unremarkable).

I started to see a physiotherapist who suggested it was likely a tendon issue or possible stress fracture.

I had an MRI and was diagnosed with tenosynovitis and bursitis. No stress fracture diagnosed.

November 2015 - have seen a (lovely and very skilled) orthopedic specialist who was unsure what it was given the unusual presentation and that you'd normally see some improvement. Had blood tests to make sure it was not rheumatoid arthritis. These came back largely unremarkable too. I have no other pain or swelling in any other part of my body (just the one foot). It is also not my joints that are giving me grief, just the tendons.

As far as treatment goes, I wear a compression bandage daily, elevate my leg when I can (not great when I work in an office) and ice it nightly. Have also taken NSAIDs.

Nothing has really improved much except for the pain which is only present occasionally when I press on one of the tendons. I can walk normally without pain but my foot swells up, especially at night and it is very uncomfortable. I am going back to the Dr soon for a second appointment but I have no idea what the next steps will be.

Has anyone ever had trouble with anything similar which has not healed quickly? I've never experienced anything like this and it bothers me so much all the time. I look down at my foot and it looks so awful. I just don't know what to do :(

Any shared experiences/tips would be very gratefully received. Thanks for reading.
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