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The glue in the knee replacement is deteriorting, what is next?

The glue used in the sugery is deteriorting, causing pain, and looseness of the replacement.  I have constant pain and would like to do next?
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Have you contacted the orthopedic surgeon who did you TKR?  They usually use screws when doing those.

Here is some information I found online.  


Knee replacement operations, whether they use cemented or cementless fixation, are highly successful in relieving pain and restoring movement. However, the ongoing problems with wear and particulate debris may eventually necessitate further surgery, including replacing one or more parts of the knee replacement (revision surgery).


I think I would contact my surgeon if I were you and get this taken care of.  If the prosthesis is loose that is not good.
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I had a knee replacement a year ago and am having pain.  I was curious . . . how did they know the glue was deteriorating?  Did they do an MRI?  I just had and MRI and have been told it could be "mild loosening, bone stress reaction, or stress response".  My Dr.'s onlt response was, if it's bad enough redo the knee replacement surgery.  How long ago was your replacement surgery?


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