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Tib/Fib Fracture

Hello everyone.
I have a couple questions about my shin (Tib/Fib) fracture. I was involved in a motorcycle accident in July of 2019 and underwent surgery to get a rod put in from my left knee to my ankle.  I was allowed to return to work and somehow broke one of the screws in my left ankle but my surgeon told me if I didn't want to do surgery I could leave it and the bone would essentially heal through the broken screw and be fine. I have recently began weight training again at the gym as of January 2020 (about a year and a half after surgery) and I have noticed some minor pain in my ankle and where the break was in my shin (mid shin area). It feels almost like growing pains/aches but I wasn't sure if there is a way to strengthen this? Or is it a serious issue I need to go to another doctor about and have fixed? I am dreading going into surgery again and literally can't have it right now as I am trying to go to police academy this fall; 6 months from today actually, which is not enough time to heal from surgery. Does anyone know if these aches are normal? Anyone else had this surgery before and have advice? Really appreciate any and all help!
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