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Tibia Stress Fracture: Conflicting Advise, how common is surgery?

Hi, I had an accident in early August, slipped and hit my shin on a corner. The emergency room doctor put stitches on the wound, and I thought that was it.

After 8-9 days, there was still significant pain, so had x-ray done, but it didn't show anything. I met an orthopedic specialist a few days later (say Dr. A), and he said it looks fine, start walking as much as you can. I started walking, but it would hurt randomly, or if I walked longer, even though the wound had almost healed.

We got an MRI done and it turned out I have a stress fracture in tibia. So Dr A put me on crutches for 5-6 weeks (already 7 weeks since injury, but I was walking continuously) and said we may have to do surgery if it doesn't heal by then. I went to another orthopedic (say Dr. B). He said it is not too bad, and he wouldn't have put me on crutches and the chances of needing surgery are less than 5% . This would heal by itself, and actually the bone may heal better from some pressure of walking.

What should I do with this conflicting opinion? I am trying to be on the safer side, and using crutches (5th day now). Based on online reviews, both the doctors seem to be very good. Using crutches for 5 weeks is not so bad, but I am more concerned about surgery.
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Hi, if it is easier for you to walk with the crutches I would suggest that, but if you feel comfortable with out them, you don’t want to put too much strain atleast for a bit only walk around if you need too, you don’t want it to fracture properly and need the surgery, I have the metal rod going down my tib,  I would just take it steady for a few weeks
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