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Tibia and Fibula Break

I am seventeen years old and I broke my left tibia and fibula 5 weeks ago playing volleyball. Luckily it was  a clean break and no surgery was needed. The break is located about 5-6 inches above my ankle. I have really long legs to so keep that in mind haha. Anyway I was put in a full leg splint for four days after i broke it and since then i have been in a full leg cast. They haven't changed it and I am in no pain at all and am getting around pretty easily on crutches. I have a few questions though and would greatly appreciate any feedback!
1) My doctor told me that pressure and weight bearing is good for bone healing, is that true?
2) How long until I can put full pressure on my leg without any pain?
3) When will I get a smaller cast? or will i get a boot next? (My next appointment is in 2 weeks)
4) Will I be able to play basketball this year? (It is my senior year and I love the game. The season usually gets over in Feb. or early march.
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Hi there!

1. Pressure and weight bearing is good only after a period of initial healing (4-8 weeks) unless the bone involved is non-weight bearing.
2. You can start putting pressure after 4-8 weeks of initial fracture and casting, while complete resolution of symptoms and stiffness may take a few more days/ weeks.
3. You may get neither or either depending on the amount of healing that has taken place.
4. You may possible be able to get back to sports by the end of this year.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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