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Tight Calves ruining my life?

I am/ was in my late 20's. I began getting horrible tendinitis in both feet and ankles. For years this has plagued me, mostly in the winter. After going to various orthopedists/ podiatrists, the conclusion seems to be that my calves are too tight causing other problems down the leg, especially in the foot. One doctor called this equinus gastrocnemius.

The pain appears randomly and lasts for several days/ weeks usually affecting one foot/ankle at a time. Many times I can't walk and I miss work, etc. And when I say "can't walk" I mean I can't even get from my bed to the bathroom without crutches or crawling.

That said, 1/3 doctors recommended surgery to lengthen my calves. The others just recommend stretching and physical therapy. At this point I think the surgery is the way to go. That said all of my doctors have just been guessing. Blood tests come back negative for gout, rheumatoids, etc.

Tight calves though!?! I am an athlete in my 20's and I can't walk 20% of the time because of tight calves??? I am in minor pain 90+% of my life! I think something else is up, especially since the pain comes and goes without correlation to movement/stress/ exercise.

Anyone been here?  
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Argh, sounds terrible!  I feel for you.  I have a son who is an athlete and am active myself and this sounds like it is at times debilitating.  It's interesting that it occurs more in winter.  Do you do different activities in the winter?  Dumb question but have you gone to a physical therapist?  I've had horrible heel and foot pain and was told it was partly due to tight calves.  I stretched my Achilles heel and calves religiously.  I use menthol patches on them as well and arnica.  I've done massage. These things help me. But you are in a different situation of more severe pain.  But have you tried any of those?  (ibuprofen too?).  Shoes (good ones) help me too.  I don't go barefoot (try not to).  

Have they also tried a night splint for you?  I had one and it's not super comfy, I must be honest.  I did my best with it as it is said to help but ya, didn't like that.

Now, I would always try the non invasive routes prior to surgery. But if you have exhausted that, surgery is an option as you know.  Did your doctors present what recovery would be like?  
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