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Tight Heel Cord and ankle/foot pain

About two years ago I was "diagnosed" with a tight heel cord.  The Orthopaedist and Physical Therapist both said it was very tight - forced dorsiflexion (forced by therapist) was only 0 degrees, I could only get to -2 degrees by myself.  Dr asked if I had had to wear braces or special shoes as a child.

I did physical therapy 3 times a week for 6 weeks, and then continued exercises at home for a while.  Things got a little better, I got alot bored with the exercises, and finally just stopped.  Now, my ankle pain is back - so is knee pain, and heaven help me when I 1st get up in the morning or after sitting in the recliner for any length of time - I can barely walk!  

I know I need to go back to the dr, but I don't want him to order physical therapy (costs to much and is not permanent).  What are my other options?  A brace/boot at night?  some type of surgery?
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You may be able to relieve heel pain by stretching tight calf muscles. Exercise and wearing supporting foot wear is the primary treatment for tight heel cord.

Take ibuprofen and apply ice packs regularly to relieve you from pain.

A physical therapist or trainer can help supervise a program recommended by your sports medicine specialist or a foot specialist, such as an orthopaedist or podiatrist.

Finally your orthopedician will explore other options including surgery so discuss in detail.

Take care!

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Dr. Vinod - Thank you for your response.  I am starting the stretching exercises again, but was wondering if the "boots" worn during sleep would be beneficial.  I have lately noticed knww and hip discomfort and have read that they can be a result of an extrememly tight heel cord.

In addition to the tight heel cord - I have extremely high arches.  When walking on the beach, my footprint is really just heel, ball, and toes.  when standing, a piece of paper can be passed ceompletely under my foot at the arch.
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