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Torn Medial Meniscus


Mid 50's male. Long time distance runner. Gradual onset of pain three days after weekend yard work. No precipitating event. (Ortho guy says he hears this a lot in guys my age) Diagnosis after MRI of Torn Medial Meniscus. Surgeon wants to remove damaged part of meniscus which he tells me is in the area without blood flow. There was also a mention of arthritis. When I pushed for more information he said "arthritis consistent with your age". Don't quite what know what means. Anyway, here the questions. If there's no blood in the damaged part of my meniscus, why do I swell after leg strengthening exercises. I have pain in the knee when twisting the joint, even when simply crossing my injured leg on the other. However, I can run pain free as long get a secure foot plant and I don't twist the knee. Is this consistent with a simple Meniscus tear? The joint itself doesn't seem "right". As though the parts aren't quite fitting together properly. Sorry to bug you about this, but my surgeon just keeps telling me that "it's a simple meniscus tear and if there's more, he'll find it during surgery". I'm thinking that if I can strengthen the surrounding muscles, then I don't need surgery for a simple tear. Based on what I've written here, can you add your educated guess? I know that you can't diagnose, just looking for some educated guessing.

Thank you!!

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I appreciate your time, however, you failed to address my questions. I'm quite aware of 2nd opinions. What I need are explanations of whether my symptoms are consistent with the diagnosis. In other words, why would a knee be unstable from a slight tear? Why would it swell when there is no blood in that area? I've had a 2nd opinion and frankly no one seems to be willing to explain these things to me. They just say "yes, we'll do surgery". I don't want surgery until I understand what's going on in my knee. So far 2 surgeons have not been able or willing to explain and hopeful that you can shed some light here. It shouldn't be to hard I would think to explain "why", would it? No wonder our health care system is having problems. I now need to find a 3rd or 4th opinion to find answers to fairly simple questions.
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We would be delighted to answer your queries!

You need a latest MRI report, we also advise you to go for a second consultancy and if both the surgeons give you the same advice then go for removal of the torn part of meniscus as it makes sense as the Orthopedician does not want an unstable knee joint for you.
Depending on your X-ray and MRI report take proper advice for your knee, protect it and take all necessary precautions and care.

Take care!
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