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Torn Meniscus

63 year old female had surgery for torn meniscus at the end of August. Still in pain, at times cannot walk without limping.  Have a difficult time getting out of a chair.  Have been back to the orthopedic doctor and siad it has range of movement ,but if i stub my toe or hit my foot on something, the pain is very severe and it stops me in my tracks.  I go back in December.  What should be done next.  I am at wits end because of the pain.  The pain is the same as before the surgery.
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Hi there!

It may take a few months after the procedure for recovery, depending on the severity of the initial injury and the exact procedure that was performed. It would be difficult to comment on an individual case if the symptoms would be considered within the normal limits. I would suggest getting this evaluated by your orthopedician at your follow up appointment. Meanwhile I would suggest avoid excessive stress on the knee and physiotherapy. Ice-packs and OTC NSAIDS may be helpful for pain relief.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Wne to the doctor today. Said still looks good. Told him about the pain. Now he is sending me for therapy, possible hamstring due to the nature of all of this.,  Does this sound right? Why did he not send me a while ago when I was complaining.  Do you think this will help?/
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