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Torn Tendon????

Yesterday as I was helping my sister move, I slipped and heard a faint pop in my left foot.  I miss judged the stairs and hyper extended my foot up (toes were above my heel)   There was immediate pain followed by slight swelling.  I was able to limp around for a bit so I didn't think any thing was torn..  Woke up this morning, pain was intense but was still able to put pressure on the foot.  Was on my feet all day at work with no increase in pain but still swollen on the anterior side.   5 mins ago I noticed I small hard lump about the size of a quarter just above my knee.  Doesnt hurt at all but thought it could be related.  I wondering if tore something?  Any help would be helpful...  Thanks
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Hello Dear,

The popping knee may be due to the tear in the meniscus, typically the discoid meniscus which is an abnormally shaped meniscus within the knee joint.
The discoid meniscus can cause problems, usually a popping sensation with pain over the outside part of the knee joint.
If there is a popping sensation, then conservative treatment consisting of exercises and stretching can be performed. If these treatments do not relieve the symptoms, arthroscopic surgery on the discoid meniscus would be helpful.
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