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Torn meniscus and cyst on left knee

After weeks of pain and not knowing what was wrong yesterday after my doctor viewed my mri's it was determind that i have a torn meniscus and a cyst on my left knee iam in a lot of pain and my surgery is not until nov 25th what can i do for the pain they have me on vicodin ... and its not working .. and what do i have to look for as far as my recovery period .. i have 2 young children and a husband that due to a job promotion does not live with us ... just trying to plan for my recovery any news is helpful
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     I can understand your situation. Meniscal tears are treated by repair or by removal of damaged part of the meniscus. By latter form of treatment, recovery is very fast, but in the long run it can lead to arthritis and damage of the knee. So, depending upon the location and extent of damage which can be assessed with an MRI, treatment options vary.
      Meniscal tears treatment is very crucial, because of the poor blood supply to the meniscus and also it is the most used part in our daily activities, it is subjected to a lot of stress. Removal of the cyst can decrease the pain. After surgery, changes in life style, reducing weight, and avoiding heavy load of work on the knee can help in longstanding treatment.
For pain, if NSAID’s do not help, then synvisc or cortisone can be tried.
All the best.
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