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Total Knee Replacement; Now w/ stabbing hip joint pain

I had a TKP 6 months ago. Approx  4 months after... I developed a severe pain in the hip joint, like a knife stabbing me constantly 24/7. To describe the area, if you think of a child sitting on your lap, and the bony area of their hinny  pokes you in the leg. When I am sitting on a chair, it feel as the bony area of my of my buttock (same side as the TKR) could be pressing down through the chair.  It is so painful, it's 24/7 and exercise nor rest changes it.  Ihave all the same other pain as discussed on the forum.  Needing to constantly stretch the ligament, the pain from hip to knee, tightness. I am no loner in PT.  My only form of exercise is walking on a treadmill and continuing to stretch ligament. I have pain after walking for 30 min and normally have to sit pain. Has anyone else had this stabbing hip pain 2 weeks or more post op? If so, was there anything you did to help it?  I weaned off all narcotic pain meds, I was in pain with or without. I take aleve or ibuprophen.  Although, itt does not relieve the pain. Please give me advice. Thanks in advance for your response.
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I did not get any responses from this site.  I wanted to write in case anyone else has this severe pain.  In doing my own research and paying close attention to how I walked.  I noticed as I walked, it felt as my heel was pushing into the floor, my replaced knee hyperextended, it felt as my femur was being shoved up into my hip joint.  I felt as if the surgical  leg was longer.  I researched online, found out how to measure unequal  leg length.  One leg was 1/2 inch longer than to other.  I began wearing 2 diff shoes, in 24 hrs the hip pain was gone.  In 48 hrs the calf pain was gone.  I them sent off a new pair of shoes and had an half inch lift put on the one shoe. Hope this helps someone else.  I endured 6 months of excruciating pain.  I honestly would not recommend a knee replacement to anyone, unless you was to the point of not being able to walk.  It is not some easy fix for "bad knees"! As you have probably already read on this feed of questions.
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