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Total Wrist Fusion

well today is the big day, it's 10:50am central time and i have to be at the surgery center by 1pm.  Today i'm having a total fusion of my dominate left hand, i have looked at all options and this is in my best option if i want to get on with my life as normal as possible if that makes any sense.  I've had three operations on my left hand apr 30, 2008, feb. 13 2009 and june 6 2009.  the orginal problem for the first surgery was a small tear in the TFCC ligament, that it.  i had extensive physical therapy after each surgery with only temporary relief and sometimes no relief of pain.  I went through the process to change doctors through workers comp. which went ok.  My new doctor reviewed my previous records and more checks and test and we (Doc. and I)  determined the best option due to the type of work i do and the very active life style i have is to have a TOTAL WRIST FUSION.  I plan keep everyone updated as often as possible, i want others to know what i'm going through and hopefully inform them what they will be going through.  Oh by the way the reason for the total wirist fusion is my cartlidge is totally destroyed, i have a legal matter going on so i can't mention the cause of the destroyed cartlidge.  Talk to ya'll later  Phill
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Wishing you all the best, will be watching this post ready for my full fusion two weeks today xx

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good morning Becki, the surgery went well according to the Doctor, the surgery  took 2 hrs. 20 min..  i woke up in hosp. room at 11:30pm hungry and having to to the bathroom (lol) never thought that would be an issue.  bone graph was taken from my left hip, doctor takes from the hip because theres plenty of bone to use for graphing.  the hip feels like a really bad charlie horse.  i feel like an old man walking around, it's a little difficult turning aroung in bed.  i've found stuffing 2 pillows into 1 pillow case works better 4 me to rest my arm,  last night i had a fever of 100.6, fingers very swollen, and exposed fore arm very red.  i called the Docs office around 7:30pm., i was really surprised that the answering service put him on the line.  he said it is not uncommon to get fever of up to 102, and redness and excessive swelling bothered him, doc did say total wrist fusions have an awful lot of swelling buts wants to see me before the weekend.  the only reason i'm up at this hour is waiting for the next pain pill  hydrocordone 10-500.  the meds say take every 4-6 hours, i need it every 4 hours there is quite a bit of pain in the wrist but a different kind of pain.  Docs says it's a must to keep moving fingers so they don't stiffen up.  well thats all the one handed typing for now and time to take Med.  i'll keep ya'll updated   Phill
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sounds increibly painful! thank you for keeping us posted. Im not having a bone graft apparently, think they may use some from forearm?

Ive heard sweeling is bad, did you stay overnight?

Wishing you a sppeedy recovery and thanks for keeping us up to date, its veryhandy (excuse the pun) to have people who are actualkly going through it.

Becki x
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today is 5 days since surgery.  well i went back to the doctors office they cut away the first dressings, no signs of infection, & normal swelling. 3 xrays were taken which showed the 6 in. long plate & 8 screws and where the bone graph was placed.  18 stiches close up the plate, pretty impressive.  it was rewrapped & i go back Mon. NOV. 16th.  the biggest problem i've had is Constapation and bad, today 5 days since last business was done, the pain killers every 4 hrs and the anastetic given in the hosp, yesterday morning i took drastic measures, i stopped the meds, i was already eating very little, quit anymore food,  i tried stool softners  no help, took the green bottle of magnesiumn citrus and 2 ES exlax,  no help.  this morning i took i again took 2 more exlax  and waited about 4 hours then i drank another green bottle,  by 5 this afternoon the problem was solved if you get my drift.  now i'm sure many of you did't need that added info. but no one yet has gone step by step what they went through.  i ate a lite dinner and took a much needed pain killer. the pain i'm having trouble with is the elbow to the forearm, it feel really knotted up. swelling has gone down in the fingers a little and i do move my fingers as i was told to.  thats all for now and i'll date in a couple days    Phill
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short arm 1/2 cast, i wish it was full arm, i'm left handed and my pea brain keeps telling me grab it, although i don't.  the pain is very different sometimes stabbing knife wrenching pain from wrist joint, sometimes in my forearm & above elbow like i lifted  weights the feeling of pulled and strained musles. then other times pain coming from my knuckles & thumb joint a long dull ache, i really know the pain when not taking meds when supposed to.  RB what has your pain been like and how long since surgery?  did bone graph come from hip?  hip doing much better each day, not really an issue except getting up and rolling over. thats it for now it took me 30 min to type this wrong handed   LOL    but thats ok  update is good   Phill
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7 DAYS SINCE TOTAL FUSION, just a short note.  the last 2 days i've been expierencing some extreem nerve and musle pain just below my shoulder to about 5 inches fwd of elbow where the arm bends.  pain meds not really helping this issue, i've just put Bio Freeze on this area and it's feels a hair better.  it appears i'm also starting having another bout with Constipation, this really s u c k s.  talk to yall later   Phill
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