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Trauma case (need some suggestions)

Hello Everyone ,

Myself met with an RTA in 2009 October and was injured with this injuries

1. Fracture Right femur,
2. Fracture Right Proximal Tibia,
3. Fracture Left Femur,
4. Fracture Right humerus with Right wrist Drop
5. Fracture Left Humerus
6. Fracture Left Radius
7. Fracture Right occipital thin SDH
8. Fracture Right Maxilla
9. Fracture Right Zygoma
10. Right eyelid laceration

and other multiple severe injuries all over the body.

I was operated in two different hospitals after accident

1. Fracture Right femur, Fracture Right Proximal Tibia , Right eyelid laceration was operated in one hospital and

2. Fracture Left Femur,Fracture Right humerus with Right wrist Drop ,Fracture Left Humerus ,Fracture Left Radius were done in another hospital

and remaining were not treated Right Zygoma , Right Maxilla , Right occipital thin SDH as they mentioned that they have to be cured by them selves and they were cured except Right occipital thin SDH

But after discharging from second hospital i got infection for both hands and left leg , Hands infection was cured but for left leg infection wasn't cured ( was on medication for infection with antibiotics ) ,

In 2010 Jan was admitted in hospital ( 2nd one ) again and Debridement done to Left thigh under General anesthesi ,

But in 2010 Nov i got seizures ( Doctor's was not sure it was seizures thought i fell from wheel chair as no one was their ) and left hip joint was damaged as due to infection no treatment was done to left hip joint and was treated with Debridement + Sinosectomy + Sequestrectomy + Implant Removal and Antibiotic Impregnated K Nail + Manipulation of knee + Antobiotic Beads were done in different hospital other than before mentioned hospitals and treatment is still ongoing here only

On Feb 2011 Antibiotic beads removal was done but infection was back again after removal of Antibiotic bead

In May 2011 Implant Removal + Ilizarov Ring Fixation with Fracture ends Freshened was done as infection wasnt cured and a 4 inch bone was removed from tigh as it was also infected and used Ilizarov fixation for reducing the gab between bones and got leg length discrepancy with 5 inches to left leg and left knee got stiff

In June 2011 again Got Seizures ( Doctor's was not sure it was seizures thought i fell in bathroon as no one was their ) and had an injury ( Fracture ) to right hip joint and was treated with Modular – Uncemented Long Stem Bipolar Hemiarthroplasity with smith & Nephew + Interlocking Nail Removal was done for right leg

In July 2011 again Got Seizures continuously for 5 to 6 times ( twice in front of doctor's) and Doctor's confirmed it was due to Fracture Right occipital thin SDH and was taking treatment for that in another hospital which is good in neurology

In Aug 2013 Ilizarov Ring Fixation was removed and presently using fixation for Boots to walk

I am experiencing a lot of pain in Right leg from hip joint to toe of the legand was unable to walk so they took an MRI of my back and the report was L4-L5 Narrow but was not treated for back as Doc said i was not due to that and was given Forteo ( calcium ) injection for 6 months but stll i am on pain and cant even walk now due to pain and can some one suggest me any treatment that makes me some what better

need some suggestion for this

1. Fracture Right occipital thin SDH any option for curing this one
2. Left knee bend ( going to physiotherapy but still going on )
3. Pain in Right leg from HipJoint to toe ( going to swimming but still pain )
4. Lengething of left leg and replacement of left hip must be done and they are still not confirming when they can be done as got infection in left leg but it is now cured after Ilizarov ( Doctor says symptoms of infection will be their even after cure for 7 to 8 years )

Will be waiting for your suggestions

Thank you

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Any help will be appreciated
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