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Treatment for posterior medial mensicus root tear?

Hi, I'm 14. I was rather large and was putting a lot of pressure on my knee through sports, and I fell badly on it at one point. About six months later, I went for an MRI (Jul 2017). The MRI said that there were "incresed signal intensities in the posterior horn of medial mesicus, suggestive of prior injury at this age. There is also probable tear at the posterior medial meniscus root." My knee still causes me trouble and hurts a lot of the time. What would be the right treatment?
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So at 14, your parents are probably (hopefully) helpful in determining what to do. They took you tot he doctor who gave you this information, right?  What did that doctor recommend?  I would guess the big decision is whether to have surgery or not.  Did this come up as an option or possibility?  And physical therapy usually helps.  I'd want to work with a professional to alter your activities to not make this worse (Know that is hard at 14 to adjust to if you are sporty like my sons are)--  but also what stretches, strength moves, etc.  Do you have a sports trainer at your school? Our middle school and high school has a full time person at each for help with students and sports injuries.  So, If you have pain, definitely follow up.  Talk to your parents about seeing the doctor again for re evaluation.  
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Perhaps this information will be helpful https://www.webmd.com/pain-management/knee-pain/meniscus-tear-injury#1
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