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Ulna plate/hardware removal after 15 years?

I'm wondering about the pros/cons/risks of hardware removal surgery. I broke my ulna 15 years ago (2002) in an ATV accident. I had a plate and 6 screws put in. After a few months I continued to feel pain and went back to the surgeon. In an X-ray he saw the plate had snapped. Also the ulna was twisted when he put the plate on so my arm needed to be rebroken and then a thicker plate put on. Overall pretty horrible experience. Anyways I've been able to go on living life since then but found it's easy to aggravate the location very easily. If I accidentally bump my arm on something it stings very bad. It also hurts with strength / lifting exercises. After a long break I started exercising again with pull ups and push ups on Thursday. My arm has been throbbing for days. There's a certain corner of the plate on my ulna that seems swollen or like a bruise. I just wonder after all this time if it's worth going under a knife for the third time and getting this plate removed. For the most part it doesn't bother me. I can work, take care of things, play sports that I like. What possible complications could I face?
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