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Unknown knee swelling and intense pain after liver transplant

I had a liver transplant back in October 1 2018, prior to that I had no pain or problems with my legs. Shortly after the transplant I started having random swelling of my left knee (it was huge) this happened about 5 times between October 2018 and October 2019, each time the knee sweeps it is INCREDIBLY painful even just laying bed. There is also been consistent pain and very slight swelling the entire time between attacks. If left alone during the attacks the swelling and pain would die down by itself after about a week. It has been drained 3 times and each time the fluid has been tested and found nothing. Each time it swells it is seemingly random with no injury and with no intense workout or vigorous activity the day or two before. My family doctor thought it was gout but there were no crystals found, another thought it was osteoarthritis but that has been ruled out through X-rays and CT scans, same with autoimmune. October 16th 2019 I had a cortisone injection and haven’t had any attacks, pain or swelling since but it is just starting to wear off so I need to get another one soon.

Any ideas? I have seen multiple doctors and specialists and no one can give me an answer, even my knee specialist has given up! Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Causes of knee swelling include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, pseudogout, infection, trauma, and tumors. Causes of generalized swelling (edema) include heart failure, kidney failure, and liver failure (cirrhosis).
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Those were all ruled out except for tumors, thanks though
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