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Vitamin D: A Cure for Tendonitis

I have had tendonitis in both shoulders for 6 years and have suffered greatly. I have had to have cortisone shots in both shoulders just to get the pain down to a manageable level.

Last year my doctor happened to run a Vitamin D test on me a I was at an 8-not normal. He iniatially put me on a 50,000 IU dose and then tapered me to a 1000 IU a day. Within the first 2 weeks the pain and tendonitis was gone from my shoulders as documented by my orthopeadic doctor.

One month ago my husband finally asked me to get the Vitamin D for him to see if it would help with his tendonitis. Miracously again within 2 weeks the pain was gone and has stayed gone.

Without Vitamin D your body can't absorb calcium therefore it leaches out into your joints causing tendonitis.

People normally get Vitamin D from the sun, but many people who either stay inside alot or live up North do not get alot of sun, thus having a deficiency of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D defiency also causes bone pain and muscle pain.
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Dear Kanta and Iris,
I also have 5 chronic tendonitis. ;( My new dr did all kinds of tests which revealed low VitD level even though the test was done right after i finished a 8wk course of 50000 IU PER WK of VitD2 prescribed by my old doctor.  My new doc then told me to take VitD3 5000U daily = 35000 PER WK.

Then my friend in Oregon told me that she had VD deficiency problem when she moved there from NY (where I live) and her naturopathic doctor put her on the "huge loading dose" of VitD but she doesn't remember the actual dose or how long. So, i wanted to do this massive loading since a standard therapy of 50000 IU per wk x 8 wks prescribed by my old doctor did nothing for me.

Here are my Qs for you guys. If you could let me know, I'd super appreciate it!
Kanta, I think what you're on ss this"huge loading dose" that my friend told me about. Re: your prescription of 114000 IUs per wk. Is this VitD2 or VitD3? (my new doc tole me VitD3 is better than D2)
Iris, Before you developed a bad reaction to 50000 IU dose, how was it prescribed by your doctor? 50000 IU once PER WK? or 50000 IU PER DAY? Did your doc prescribe it to do that for 12 wks also? What was the tapering schedule on your prescription instruction? What was your side effect?

So sorry to ask a lot of Qs...i'm just desperate to get my life back and not lose my job and not have the pain of 5 chronic tendonitis control my life any more!! Thank you for all the info! I'm very hopeful now. Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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I am currently taking 2000 IU's of Vitamin D per day, I had a bad reaction to the 50,000 IU dose.   It works, it was such a godsend, and now all my neighbors around that had the tendonitis take it. One of my neighbors even endured surgery that didn't help, when i told her about the Vitamin D she started taking it and two weeks later she was pain free.
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Dear Iris,

I read your post about tendonitis and that it was cured with Vitamin D. I have tendonitis in my wrists since about a year. Also, I have a deficiency in Vitamin D. The normal my test shows should be 50 to 200 nmol/liter. I had 25 nmol/liter.

Now my doctor asked me to take, 2 capsule of 50,000 IUs each per week. Plus, I take a capsule of 2000 IUs each day. So in total, I take 100,000 + 7*2000 = 114,000 IUs per week. This is prescribed for 12 weeks.

In your case, you said you took the 50,000 IUs capsule. Did you take one of these everyday? Please can you share with me about your Vitamin D prescription.... how much and for how long you took it?

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