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Wallis ligament and disectomy op, what is it like after

I have a herniate disc, awful pain as it bust  October last year - agony, worse than childbirth. Nothing has been successful to sort this out. A steroid injection in my spine relieved the pain only for 2 days. so disppoitning.

I have pain on the left of my lower back (L4/5) that goes down to by buttocks and all the a down my leg. I have been  unable to anything at home for a long time. I have had back problems on and off since before the bust disc.

I was interested in some messages where an op to take out the disc and replace with artificail one , was mentioned.
I am having that op on Monday. I read on here  that they are not always successful.
I am in so much pain - worst part in lower left leg where is feels like my bones from knee to ankle are made of shards of glass andthey are stabbing into my ankle.

I wanted to know about the op - how painful is it afterwards?
I just want to get rid of this pain Surely it can't be worse that this?

Thank you for listening to me

Sooz120 x x

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