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Water ? on knee

Several months ago I banged my knee on a rather sharp metal railing. It hurt for a few days and then
no  problems followed. Now I have developed a soft watery type lump on the front of the knee cap
where I struck it.

There is no discomfort, pain, or use restriction whatever. If pressure is applied for a few minutes the
lump essentially disappears, but returns again after a few minutes. The 'lump' is about 1.5-inches
across and no more than 3/8ths of an inch in 'height.'

Water? Cure? Forget about it? I suspect it will go away by itself but am uncertain.
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This is what I found on it
nicknamed "Plumbers knee" It's the bodies response to repeated use of the knee on a hared surface, in order to protect the kneecap, it covers it in "water". Many times there is no pain with this condition. See a healthcare professional or your family doctor or local clinic. They can drain the fluid from your knee and give you ideas on how to stay off the knee.Good Luck
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