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Weight Training for 15 y.o. male

My husband has been taking our 15 year old son to the Gym with him for weight training in preparation for Varsity Football.  My son also lifts weights at school.  I was told he bench presses 285 and cling and jerks about the same weight.  

I also found out that my son has been wearing his weight vest (20lbs) to school every day for 8 hours a day in addition to his 30 pound book bag and 5 pound (each) leg weights.  

Is this healthy for a young man who is hitting his second growth spurt?  (He is 6'2" now, his father is 6"5")

I am concerned that this added weight, worn all day, could harm his back, shoulders, etc.   My husband and son do not agree.
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Hi Diane,
How is your son feeling about this?
I think weight training is fine as long as it is done as per recommendations by fitness trainer.
You have mentioned your child's height and weight which is absolutely fine and great. You need not worry about his back, shoulder as long as there are no symptoms developing due to his exercises.
These exercises would help in further strengthening his back muscles which will help stabilized his shoulder and spine. He should be doing his exercise within his limit set and should not cross his limits.
Keep me informed if you have any queries.
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