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What bone age do the growth plates completely close?

Im sorry if I ask this is the wrong section but the pediatric endocrinology section is closed for some reason. I have a bone age of 17(I got this test several months ago). My doctors can not tell me if my growth plates are closed or not. Why not? Well so I can't ask different doctors because they won't give me the x-rays. Well anyways what bone age do growth plates fuse for males? Im 15 and a healthy male but it seems like they won't do anything to help me grow either. Im at 5"4 and both my parents are the same height.
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We can give you the ossification of few of the important bones. It is difficult to write about primary, secondary and the total ossification of all the bones.

The 3 epiphyses/growth plates at upper end fuse at 18years
The 1 epiphysis/growth plate at lower end fuse at 20 years

Upper end fuses at 16-18 years
Lower end fuses at 15-17 years

Upper end during 20th year
Lower end at about 16 years

Upper end during 18th year
Lower end at 20 years

Take care!

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Thank you very much, I was just wondering would it be impossible to expect a growth spurt  with a bone age of 17? I would think im in stage 4 puberty on the tanner scale.
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Oh I wish i could edit my post above but is there any way to extend my growth period or how much I grow? I know it's kind of late for that but I just found out my bone age and I haven't seen any noticeable height gain for about two-three years
It's been 10 years mate. You grown any tall?
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You can grow as i have given you all the bone ossification ages. You have couple of years and for this you have to do cycling, skipping, swimming & jogging.
Eat enought calories according to your BMI, Proteins will also help.

Well, but everything is genetically related also and your height will grow  only to the desired level, try all the different methods and also discuss with an Orthopaedician for some steroids/hormones if they can be given to you without any harm. Take care!
Hey I'm 19 year and 4 months old female can I get taller.. I'm 4feet 11inches
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I turned 18 a month ago,lookin at the list there is still 3bones which are not fused..with good diet and exercise is it possible for me to increase height?
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If an almost 15 year old is at Level 4 of the Tanner scale (4.3 to 4.4) will hgh or dhea benefit him in terms of height growth? If so, what is best? He has not been getting good REM sleep in the past two years and is only 5'3".
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