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What causes dull constant back pain that doesn't change?

For the past two years I've had this mild pain in my back, kinda burning and sharp, just in one spot on the right side, next to the spine.  It's about an inch or two across.  Does not radiate.  I'd give it a 2-3 on the pain scale, I'm always aware of it, but it doesn't mess with me too much.

It doesn't change if I do anything like stretch, twist, bend, press on it, etc.  Doesn't get worse, doesn't go away.

It's no better in the morning or night.

I just thought it was a bulging disc.  But one of my coworkers herniated a disc and my symptoms are completely different.

So now I'm scratching my head.  Of course WebMD says cancer.  But can a bulging disc manifest as low-grade, constant sharp and burning pain that doesn't worsen with use of the back?

I'm a 48 year old male, moderately active, overweight (not obese), with hypertension.  I do have a history of kidney stones on the right side, but this does not feel like kidney stone pain and my last KUB x-rays in April were clear of stones.
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I'm just leaving a followup to this.  I went to a massage therapist and she could tell that it was my attachment point for my latissimus dorsi and the lowest point of the trapezius on that side was really tight and was the source of the pain.  I spent three sessions with her trying to get it to release, but could only get a day or two of relief.  But it's definitely muscle tissue and not a slipped disc or anything.  I'm not going to worry about it.
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