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What else can I use on my ankle to sleep at night besides a boot?

28 year old female who broke ankle both tibia and fibula/dislocated on 06/07/19. Because we were on vacation (had a splint from ER visit) we saw an orthopedic back home until 6/25/19 due to referrals and prior auth needed. Doctor recommended an ORIF surgery on 6/27/19. New splint was placed. At my 2 week post op 7/10/19, Doctor removes splint and puts me on a boot. Doctor says sits okay to not wear it if I am just resting or sleeping at night and to remove it of course in the shower. He advised me to begin towel stretches until my next 2 week follow up. I was beyond excited to have the splint off and be able to have my bare leg resting on a pillow. However, I’m curious to know if there is anything I could wear on my foot at night to sleep instead of the boot. He did say I don’t have to wear it to sleep but I’m afraid to bump my husband at night or him bump me, but I’m more afraid of getting too comfortable in my sleep and not being careful with how I position it? Am I limited to how I position my foot/ankle? He didn’t suggest anything and I didn’t think to ask in the moment. And for who ever wants to know how I broke my ankle, I was rollerblading with my family on my first day of vacation :( thank you all for any help.
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