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What is bone marrow edema? And what is pubitis?

My MRI results showed this
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Bone marrow is made up of bony, fatty, and blood cell–producing material. Bone marrow edema is an area of increased fluid inside the bone. Causes of bone marrow edema include stress fractures, infection, inflammation, and/or cancer.
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An edema is a buildup of fluid. A bone marrow edema — often referred to as bone marrow lesion — occurs when fluid builds up in the bone marrow. Bone marrow edema is typically a response to an injury such as a fracture or conditions such as osteoarthritis. Bone marrow edema usually resolves itself with rest and physical therapy.

Osteitis pubis is a condition in which there’s inflammation where the right and left pubic bones meet at the lower front part of the pelvis.

The pelvis is a set of bones that connect the legs to the upper body. It also supports the intestines, bladder, and internal sex organs.

The pubis, or pubic bone, is one of three bones that make up the hip. The joint where the pubic bones meet is called the pubic symphysis, which is made of cartilage. When it and the surrounding muscles become inflamed due to stress on the joint, the result is osteitis pubis.

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