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What might my orthopedic sugeon say about this? Surgery or no?

The VA is slow and I would like to know what may be in my future. i am in a ton of pain and lose sleep over it. I am a 30  y/o male and have right knee issues from an acl  tear from an injury in 2006 with acl repair surgery in 2010.  The MRI report from my visit in August 2016 is as follows:

FINDINGS: Previous ACL repair with susceptibility artifact
resulting from femoral anchor. The graft is torn. The PCL is
intact. The fibular collateral and medial collateral ligaments
are intact. There is postsurgical change of the medial meniscus
with near complete resection of the posterior horn and body. The
anterior horn is mildly truncated. There is considerable loss of
articular cartilage in the medial tibiofemoral compartment,
especially in the weightbearing area. Bone marrow edema with some
small cyst formation in the posterior/medial aspect of medial
femoral condyle, presumably degenerative arthropathy. There are
marginal tibiofemoral osteophytes noted medially and laterally.
The lateral compartment is notable for a horizontal tear of the
body of the lateral meniscus which extends to the inferior
articular surface on some images. The inner margin of the
posterior horn of the lateral meniscus is irregular and likely
torn. The anterior horn of the lateral meniscus is more
normal-appearing. There is chondromalacia of the lateral
tibiofemoral compartment articular cartilage without focal
osteochondral defect.
Patellofemoral alignment is maintained. Extensor mechanism and
patellar retinaculum are intact. Articular cartilage the
patellofemoral joint is generally maintained. There is a joint
effusion. There is inflammation of Hoffa's fat pad along with
some scar tissue consistent with previous surgery.

ACL graft is torn. Remaining ligaments about the knee are
intact. Presumably postsurgical changes of the medial meniscus including
near complete absence of the posterior horn and body of the
meniscus. Portions of the weightbearing aspect of the medial
femoral condyle and medial tibial plateau are denuded of
articular cartilage.
Horizontal tear of the body of the lateral meniscus extending
into the posterior horn.  Mild chondromalacia of the lateral
compartment articular cartilage, without focal osteochondral
Generally maintained patellofemoral alignment as well
patellofemoral articular cartilage.
Marginal osteophytes primarily seen medially and laterally in the
tibiofemoral articulation

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