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When To Retire from Sports after Injuries?

In my 11 years of competitive cheerleading ive had my fair share of injuries. (2 broken arms, 1 broken wrist, 6 broken fingers, 2 fractures in L-4, acl tear, medial meniscus tear, lateral meniscus tear, countless amounts of sprains/bruises/dislocations). I am now a freshman in college and back again from those injuries, and I just retore my medial meniscus and possibly stretched/torn my acl (my doctor told me the mri showed my graft was swollen and he needed to look at it during surgery, possibly leading to another surgery). My question is - when is it truely time to call it quits. My love for the sport has continued to push it and I really do not want to give it up - however if I continue how much damage am I really doing to my body in the future, when do I reach the point of sports retirement?
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Call it quits, you've gone above and beyond the call of duty in that sport.  Remember you need your body for the rest of your life.  Try another sport which limits your risk to personal injury to remain active and competitive at the same time.

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