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Which muscle/ body part have I injured (cant have x-rays)

I have an injury going on 3 months now - not sure if it is spinal, joint or what.

When it happened, I my entire trapezius area was enflamed and extremely painful, was unable to lift my left arm at all, unable to turn my head to either side and a sharp stabbing pain between my shoulder blades, directly on my vertebrae and a bit to the left of it as well.

It took several weeks for some pain to subside and regain some arm mobility (though the stabbing pain never subsides much), then when I attempt certain exercises again, or even push my kids on a swing, everything starts all over again.  

The strange thing is, though the pain on the upper vertebrae is always the same, sometimes it is my left arm that is immobile, other times it is my right?  When just my left arm  was immovable I thought it might be a shoulder joint issues, but since the arm keeps switching, might it be some other bone or muscle?  The shoulder pain is always right on the top - that top knob/ joint.  Additionally, I have had intense collarbone pain though that seemed to be happening mainly in the first month or two.  Sometimes after pushing a stroller all day I get a hard knob at the end of my collarbone that you can feel through the skin.

The injury was caused by a powerlifting accident (power clean gone wrong) - I was using too much weight, turned my head to the side during the deadlift/ jerk portion which I think pulled something, then didn't make it all the way under the bar and it landed on my collarbone, then dropped the weight in a haste but did not let go of bar (and thus another big pull).

I found out a week or so after the injury that I am pregnant, so am unable to have x-rays.  Ortho said they could not help me since no x-rays and to see my regular doc, who then tells me to see the ortho, etc - so it's been frustrating. But I'd really like to at least know what might be going on.   My body has shown signs that my joints elsewhere have loosened significantly already (pregnancy) - could the relaxin have something to do with why I am not healing from this?

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