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Why am I getting a burning pain when lowering my foot after elevation?

Just under two weeks ago I sustained a crush injury to my right foot resulting in broken second and third metatarsals, extensive bruising and severe swelling. Two days later two fracture blisters appeared. I’ve been keeping the foot elevated as much as possible but when I lower it to go to the bathroom etc I get excruciating burning pain for a few minutes. Why is this and do I need to be concerned?
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Well, would guess this is a common situation after such an injury as you've had!  Burning pain may be the result of nerve damage sustained in the injury.  When do you next see your doctor for follow up??  
Seeing the consultant next Tuesday. I’m a bit concerned as originally I was told I could put weight on the foot once it was in the boot. A few days later I was told I couldn’t and was to keep the foot elevated. Worried weight bearing during those first few days might have made the damage worse although weight was being directed through my heel.  Never had much pain from the fractures but plenty from the injury to soft tissue.
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You have a pretty extensive injury.  How did you do that again?  And yes, that is conflicting advice and that drives me nuts when that happens!  I would hope two days would not have caused nerve damage.  Much more likely to have happened during the injury.  That CAN get better on its own so do not fret.  You have a whole week to wait until you see the doctor?  Gosh, this has to be super hard.  REmember that most doctor's offices also will take calls for questions.  So, you could give them a call before you see them to ask.  ??  That might be peace of mind even if they can't tell you much.  Let me know how you are doing.  Are you house bound?
A heavy door fell and landed on my foot. Bruising is from my toes to partway up my shin. I’ve no fear how or why when the door didn’t touch my leg or ankle both are so swollen and bruised. The burning is where the soft tissue damage was the worst so you’re probably right. So easy to start overthinking isn’t it?  

My original appointment was for today but my husband has had to go back to work and I can’t get there. Concerned today that a large fracture blister leaked in my boot. Drained the rest of the fluid out as it was no longer sterile and bacteria may have got in. Roof of the blister was still intact so pressed that down. Cleaned it with an antibacterial wash. Used an antibacterial cream around the edges especially where it was leaking and dressed it with a sterile pad. Hopefully I’ve done enough to minimise the risk of infection.

For the most part I am housebound at the moment. Need to get some work done but can’t sit for long at my computer and I’m worrying about losing my job.
OMG, what a total nightmare!!  Hopefully you can get in soon?  I'd want that wound checked out too!  How long has it been? Two weeks?  Hopefully your employer is empathetic.  You don't like this anymore than they do.  In theory, each day should get better as you heal. Let's hope!!  Fingers crossed this is the case for you.  

We take our feet for granted, don't we?  When they go bad we are really stuck and most of our days, we don't even think about it!  
It could have been worse. :) I asked for another appointment for this week but was told I couldn’t have one because the doctor wasn’t available and I couldn’t see someone else.  

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me, you helped me through a difficult couple of days. Got used to my husband being around and have been on my own since yesterday evening.
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