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Why do I get bumps on my toe five years after bunionectomy?

I had surgery to correct a bunion five years ago. The surgery went well. The only prob,em I’ve had until recently was nerve tingling sensation. Six months ago I wore a pair of slip on sneakers. The big toe got very irritated. Then a bump appeared o the inside top of my toe. Then another on the outside top. Then two more bumps on other toes. They are intensely itchy. This week I work a pair of sandals I’ve had five years. My toe did the same thing. Any area I scratch develops a bump. I am stumped why a shoe would cause this to happen.
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I sometimes hate feet.  I mean, I love them but I hate them.  lol  I wore open toe shoes to help out at my son's scout camp. It poured the entire day and I had mud all over my feet. One foot, around my baby toe started itching that night.  Probably 5 years later, it still itched. Same area. I had itched it until I made the skin course and raised.  I tried about every remedy I could come up with.  It finally went away.  Doctor said I likely got some kind of fungus in the mud. Why just in that spot, I don't know but honestly, thank my lucky stars my entire foot didn't itch like that!  I'm just sharing because you have a 'hot spot it sounds like.  While I itched and itched, it took me ages to actually go to the doctor for it. I'd just go ahead and go.  These are not blisters, correct?  Actual bumps show up?
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