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Will I require Surgery

My MRI States I have a a focal full-thickness insertional tear of the distal supraspinatus tendon measuring 11 mm transverse and 11 mm AP.  This predominantly involves the anterior fibers. There is patchy tendinosis in the posterior fibers. There is mild distal infraspinatus and subscapularis tendinosis. The teres minor tendon is intact. There is a trace subacromial-subdeltoid bursal effusion. No muscle atrophy or fatty infiltration.  also,
CORACOACROMIAL ARCH: The undersurface of the acromion is flat with abroad-based subacromial spur. There is mild osteoarthritis of the acromioclavicular joint. There is focal moderate edema in the distal clavicle.
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Sometimes these are managed conservatively (no surgery) but that is usually if there isn't issues of pain or loss of motion.  Do you have issues with those?  What are your symptoms  like?
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Painful at night unbelievably sore during the say when I use my arm
Been a bit of time. How is it now?
I have to have surgery, surgeon told me a week ago.
Hi kaps68.  I'm sorry about surgery being necessary. When is it scheduled for?
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