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Will an Orthopedic Doctor give more info than my spinal and knee x ray?

So, It's complicated but long story short. I was sleep and food deprived doing household stuff, heavy lifting, slipping, bumping, etc with no core strength. Woke up one day thought I threw out my back, then it went away. I would buckle, had bouts I couldn't breathe, numb toe etc. I was in a manic phase and ignored it, but when I got better and a massage didn't help I saw a dr.

Xray results show 16-degree thoracic lumbar levoscoliosis and the knee has arthritis joint effusion and narrowing. They gave me RX NSAIDS and i've done advil and all that but nothing works. I am traumatized by this, I never had scoliosis and am confused and worried.

Will an Ortho dig deeper into this? The X rays show just bones and I just can't see why my doctor won't tell me more or help. Could something have caused the spine to bend during an injury like disc issues or tissue or muscle damage? I am prescribed Ativan for panic attacks, and when I take those it gives me more relief than the Advil. Isn't that muscular? It's not the sedative properties, it acts as a muscle relaxant as well as anti-anxiety, etc.

Basically. Will the ortho tell my my spine is this and my knee is that and how to proceed or will he investigate more and help me out with the right treatment? Everyone else says to do things that don't help
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MRI and CAT Scan and always get a second opinion before procedures.
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To answer your basic question, yes, an orthopedic doctor is best to see at this point. They are specialists in this area and can evaluate and give you an exact diagnosis and treatment that can include any number of things.  Scoliosis in and of itself isn't a worrisome thing.  I have mild scoliosis and it poses no problems to me.  You are having pain though so finding the source is important.  Things can develop over time so something that wasn't a problem a year ago can become one. An injury that isn't given proper rest or treatment can become worse.  Injuries can start small and get bigger. Arthritis can get worse.  So, see an orthopedic doctor.  You also sound a bit hyped up and anxious. Do you suffer anxiety?
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Yes. I just didn't know which ways to move and what to avoid. I saw him the other day and it's been a great relief. Thank y ou.
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I don't understand why no ne helps me. Not my doctor, nurse, boyfriend. WTF is wrong??
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