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Worsening pain with bicep tear?

I am 8 weeks post proximal vertical bicep tear. I've had PT 3 times. Pain is getting worse, range of motion decreasing. Why? Mri showed the test and fluid around the joint. What else can I do? The tendon is still attached to the bone. It spasms into the deltoid muscle.
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It's possible you keep returning to what caused it in the first place.  PT doesn't fix things, you're still you, it rehabs the area enough so it stops hurting but if it's a weak area of your body PT can't make it not weak.  Generally, PT works on the areas around the injured area so the stress on the injured area is less, but again, life is full of chaos and there's no reason why one person fully recovers and another doesn't.  Life isn't fair.  It might be you need surgery, it might be you need to never again do things you like to do because every time you do you will just hurt yourself again, it might be the PT wasn't the right PT for you, it might be your diagnosis was incorrect and the problem is felt in your biceps but is referred there by something else that travels down to the biceps.  Who knows?  On the other hand, 8 weeks is a very short time, so are you saying you have had 3 sessions of PT, which is quite not enough, or that you've already had it 3 separate times?  Because that's not a very long time to recover if the injury was serious.  
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