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Wrist Pain - Difficulty with pronation/ supination

Hey, about 2 months ago I had a injury to Ulnar side of my wrist. I did not immediately go to the doctors (2 weeks delay). The injury was partly due to repeated use of doing sit-outs/push-ups and boxing (boxing bag/sparring). After punching the bag, I felt a sharp pain on pinky side and after which I have hit the bag 2 more times and stopped (I was bare knuckle and this is my left hand – I am right handed)/ It has been almost 2 months of wearing a splint and xray shows no fracture and I take ibuprofen/ started Epsom salt baths  in last couple of days. I have been seeing a hand therapist but still have clicking in my wrist when trying to do bicep curl. I am unable to do a bicep curl with no weight at all... The hand shakes and clicks after with some pain. However, it feels like the pain/swelling has subsided. Pronation and supination is limited although the pain is not present in most times , I would have to force it with my other hand to rotate ( elbow to the side of the body/placed on table). In the last couple of days I noticed that my pinky/ring finger is going stiff (like after repeated use of keyboard/gaming  on computer). The therapists assumes that I may had damaged the cartilage on one of the smaller bones next to the ulnar bone which sticks out (pisiform?) which gets inflamed when twisting my wrist (elbow is not sore). Again I live in New Zealand, where good specialists are scarce.  I have looked at all typical carpal canal syndromes, but I do not quite think that I fall under those categories.  

My trip overseas is almost due to happen, so I am running of time and scared it may progress during the month trip.  Orthopedic can only see me in August which makes me anxious. I want full hand function back  ☹.
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Hi all. Just providing an update. I have been doing salt baths (30-40 grams) per litre of  hot/warm water. Also, doing long stretches (flexion/exention) and mild supination/pronation of the wrist. Really need to find a balance between overdoing and doing just enough stretches for the join to start to recover.

As it turns out, my cartilage bone has a tear in it. It is known that alot of people may have such tears all their lives without a complication. However, the side effect sometimes is that the surrounding soft tissue gets inflamed and makes it painful to rotate it.  I have stopped ibuprofen (4 days ago) and started doing Stretches and salt water baths which help alot, I can feel about 50% improvement and the pain is slowly going away. I can finally lean on my left wrist.  I expect for it to fully heal in 2 weeks time and will update then. I have a history of injury to my wrist from boxing hence the tear was probably already there before finally letting me know about it.
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Update - hand is feeling much better. Haven't been doing any salt solution application, and limited physio therapy in general.  No sore/irritation feeling left in hand. Summer weather and holiday rest helps I believe. I m able to do 5kg dumbbells freely with little discomfort and no major clicking. Also was able to comfortably ride a bicycle for prolonged period with minimal discomfort. some progress with pushups, still some discomfort but no pain. Forearm girth has not decreased. However full forearm rotation is limited, I believe due to some descrete swelling in the TFCC cartilages(around 90% rotation has returned with no pain/discomfort).  Grip strength has completely returned.   With heavy load ( dumbbell) or rotation load , some clicking is felt but no pain and much quieter clicking sound. Will probably still go to arthopedic surgeon consulatation for reassurance, but would assume that full recovery will happen by end of this month.
I want to thank you for these updates.  I'm really glad to hear that it is getting better.  Still so?
Hi specialmom. Strength is coming back with each day  Did 40 pushups Today without issues. Will be visiting a russian orthopaedic surgeon tomorrow and getting MRI scan done. Will update then :) cheers.
Hi specialmom. Strength is coming back with each day  Did 40 pushups Today without issues. Will be visiting a russian orthopaedic surgeon tomorrow and getting MRI scan done. Will update then :) cheers.
Surgeon consulatation went well. Hand requires surgery, to defibre the  damaged tendon to get rid of the inflammations for good (not mandatory).  I am able to so 80 pushups in one go without discomfort (palm down). Otherwise no further therapy is required, however since I am to do sport the surgery is ideal.. otherwise considerable discomfort is expected. The tendon would cause inflammation to surrounding tissue. Also, had an MRI on left knee, found a cyst/tear along the inner knee ligament. Boxing is not for everyone, I think this shall be the end of my journey :)
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Hello and welcome.  This is a difficult situation as you heal but healing can take time.  It would be best to see an orthopedic doctor and understand that this is not happening soon enough based on your upcoming trip. What activities can you limit? Gaming may be something to not participate in currently in order to rest the hand.  Rest is often greatly beneficial in recovery.  Does the hand therapist provide stretching and strengthening exercises (only to be done under their advice and guidance so you do not reinjure)? While you don't have a fracture, a tendon injury or ligament tear? Unfortunately, if it is a cartilage issue, that often requires surgery.  

I would explain your travel situation to see if you can be seen sooner at the specialist.  
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Hi Sara, I cannot do pushups/bicep curls (even without weight). I can open a bottled water with mild to no discomfort, and I can open flat type door handles (havent tried the knob ones). I have tried the flex cables at  my home gym, I can easily pull the resistance cables towards myself (reverse of chest press) which works my bicep/upper forearm. I can also do thumb-up bicep curls if I am careful with no pain. Due to over compensation, my side of forearm is slighly tender and the pinky side of the wrist has tenses muscle as well.

Its difficult to stand on all fours (on closed fists) for stretching my back  (using extended wrists is not even an option and i have not tried). Pretty much it hurts only when the ulnar side is involved for using downward/upward force on the hand or rotation of it away from the body (not so much towards the body). I have limited my gaming recently to limit overcompensation on other muscles in the hand ( to 2 hours a week).  

Therapist advised to do abduction/adduction of fingers with resistance (rubber band). Also  the typical stretches that do not cause pain (flex/extend, mild 360 rotation of the wrist). He also told me to start doing bicep curls, but I cannot do them... I was wondering the same thing  in regard to tear, however I do not have any pain/swelling at all when the wrist is wresting, and up to the point of where I get to about 50% of the supination/pronation (feels like something is jammed and not letting me rotate further which causes pain if forced to). This pain shows at about 2-3 cm below the end of ulnar socket/joint, kind of between the ulnar/radius bones. At the moment I am thinking a possible small fracture/tear which is pinning a nerve when the 2 bones extend over each other (pushing the swelling over the nerve).  The xray did not show any concern, so I am getting ultra sound today just in case ... also seeing the therapist. Will update on the situation. Meanwhile I have stopped anti-inflammatory (as I do not have pain when not trying to rotate the wrist too much), however I have been soaking my hand in salt solution nightly for 20 min at a time.  

I hope this post helps someone in the future (hence writing out everything in detail), as at the moment I cannot find anything. Hoping to get this injury resolved without surgical intervention.
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