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Wrist pain (possible tfcc tear)

- 4 months ago i started having a pain on my left wrist. I worked through the pain.
- 3 months later i went to the doctor. Had xray and mri. Both showed no signs of tfcc tear even though i have  similar symptoms.
- Doctor gave me anti-inflammatory pills for 10 days and sent me to a hospital to see a doctor who has hand speciality.

He examined me (moved and pressed my wrist in multiple positions) today and saw no clinical signs of a number of things. I asked him if it was possible to have tfcc tear but not show in mri and he said yes. He told me to wear a splint for 10 days and see him again if it doesn't get better.

I am certain it won't get better so i'd like to know what's the best course of action for me now? My wrist hurts a little when i turn it palm up or palm down. It hurts quite a lot if i put wait in my palm, while it faces up.

Sorry for bad english.
ps: I didn't have an accident or something, i believe i had it from lifting weights.
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Good morning Rawgue, i've had two different MRI's one without contrast that showed my wrist was fine and one  MRI with contrast (dye) that showed i had a small tear in the TFCC Ligament.  Please get the very best hand doctor, don't just get any hand doctor, i did and now my wrist is fused.  find the best.  good luck  Phill
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Hi sorry i didn't get back with you sooner, i was out of town.  the pain i had came from bone on bone which the doctor said i had osteoarthritis which came from my cartilage being destroyed.  my wrist was so painful that it hurt to lift a full cup of coffee, i was waking in the middle of the night from pain.  I would suggest asking your doctor that you would like a MRI with contrast (dye).  that should clearly tell your doctor or the radiologist if you have any soft tissue damage to your hand.  i had a precedure put bone from my hip in my wrist, which is call bone graph, the doctor will also install a plate with screws that will stay in you wrist. i will never be able to bend my wrist again and i'm learning how to use my right hand.  did you have a x-ray of your hand?  that will show if you have good spacing of the bones, now that won't show if you have a tear in the TFCC cartliage or a torn TFCC ligament. That why i would suggest MRI with contrast.  Let me know what the doctor says        good luck  Phill
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Doctor said he'll do  arthroscopic surgery. I'm sad beyond words... I hope i'll recover 100% since it doesn't hurt on everyday moves. Only when i lift something >3kg
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request a MRI with contrast first.  get a second opinion, go to a different doctor and request a MRI with contrast.  your doctor just wants to go in and look around and then fix what he sees, in my opinion thats not the way to do it in a wrist. let me know
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The thing is, he is not getting paid at all, we have public health care here :/
All in all it will cost me the 3 euros i gave as entrance fee. So what would he gain out of that? I asked him if we should try arthogram but he said it won't be certain even then, arthroscopy is the "top option" he said. :/
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Don't worry too much about the arthroscopic surgery, it will definately find out what it wrong. I have had pain in my wrist for 3 years, everytime I went to my doctor and even in some cases when the pain was intense I went to A+E, I was told I had Wrist Tendonitis. I was told to RICE the joint and also had it in a splint on and off for 3 years, eventually it still didn't improve so I asked to see a specialist, he did 1 x-ray and told me I may have a Scapholunate ligament tear in the wrist, he said to be totally sure he would do an arthroscopy. After the arthroscopy, he told me that I did have a tear of the Scapholunate ligament and advised a second operation to reconstruct the ligament with a tendon from my arm.

That was done 16 weeks ago and I still have limited motion, but it may take me 6 more months to get it back fully. Wrist joints are very complex, injuries can be hard to fix but also take alot of recovery time, but a good surgeon can usually do atleast something to help keep the joint in as good as possible condition.

Think of the arthroscopy as closure to your worries, as soon as you have the first operation you will know what the exact problem is and know where to go from there.

Good luck!
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