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Wrist tendons up arm?

About two weeks ago I banged my arm right above my wrist on one of the glass doorknobs in our home. Initially it had a bruise and felt swollen. I didn't ice it like I should have, but the bruise went away and I thought the pain would as well. However, it is still hurting and today I saw my PCP who sent me for an Xray to make sure it isn't broken. When the spot is pressed on, the pain is exquisite. I had some pain as he turned my hand/arm/wrist to check the tendons, but not as much as that spot.

I have ankylosing spondylitis and have had hand involvement for some time. Due to sinus surgery, I've had to delay my Remicade and just went back on my Celebrex last week. I had to go off methotrexate due to increased liver enzymes. I was taking that for my peripheral involvement.

My doc mentioned that it could well be an issue with my tendons. Could I have burst a tendon banging it the way I did? How long does something like that last? How long to heal? I have a spot in a similar place in my other arm that slides around and feels like a lump. It's uncomfortable for me to press on, but it doesn't hurt the same at all. Is that a possible ganglion cyst?

Finally, if I did break something, will it show up two weeks later especially if it's a small break? Why would they Xray the inner side of my wrist/arm and the side of my arm/ hand, but not the top/outside part where it hurts?

I'm trying to sort this out. My AS seems to be affecting more of me as time goes on. It's frustrating. Any insight you might want to share is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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Sounds like you have tendonitis or Tennis elbow.  I had tennis elbow, was given a cortisone injection by an orthopedic surgeon and now feels a 100% better.   This was done in the orthopedic surgeon's office.

Gangion cysts usually appear on the wrist joint or back of the hand in the same area.
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