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anyone to give advice please

In June 2003 had a very bad go karting accident which left me with comminuted fractures and seven breaks in my right femur. Had my original surgery in Spain where it happened in June03 and some of the bits keeping it together removed in Ireland in April04.Returned to work in July 04 and tried to get back to normal even tried to play golf again but in 2005 having been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis my rheumatologist pointed out to me that my right leg was the major cause of my back problems and advised me to go back to see my orthopaedic hospital.Isaw my care surgeon(he had looked after me when I returned from Spain originally) and was advised that my right leg as a result of the accident was now 2.25 INCHES. shorter than my left. The options were I could have it broken and reset or I could get special footwear with 1.5 inch raises. I obviously went for the raises as the alternative was a minimum of 18mnths. off my leg otherwise. I returned to work again and despite continuous back and leg problems remained in work until Sept.07 at which time I feel I wrenched something in my back. I went to my own GP got a CT scan which apparently is not much use.My GP got me an appointment with a neuro surgeon but on meeting his registrar he advised an MRI as well.This I had eventually in April08 and a further visit to neuro surgeon in May08. Did not see the surgeon this time either but his registrar asked me if I would be prepared to try a few epidural steroid injections first. I agreed as presumeably she knew best. I was sent an appointment for an epidural in June 08 and having travelled 90miles to Cork  was told it was a mistake 1hr. after booking in.They did apologise profusely but I had to return 90miles after no help at all. I got another appointment for Sept.16th. and having been dressed in gown and cap and a bung placed in my hand was advised that even though I was booked for an epidural they were changing it to a facet block. I was very very annoyed as this was the second time but a particularly nice nurse told me that as my BP was very high (160/102)
and (160/98 on re-check) and that I needed to keep that under control and in time they would get to the problems in my back.I have been on Micardis40 since two days later when my GP found it to still read 160/96. I had a further appointment at the pain-clinic on 7th.Jan.09. The doctor there seemed to be much more urgent and after we had spoken  for 10/12mins.and during which I did mention that I was getting more and more embarrassed by my leakage in the back passage she said facets or epidurals were no use to me and that she would get in touch with me as soon as she could get an opinion from the surgeon. She rang me yesterday and I had a second MRI this am. I am now back home and HOPING someone might help me. The only things on my C/T are normal alignment,  osteophyte formation at multiple levels especially L2-3 L3-4 L4-5 andL5-S1. There are minor central disc bulges at2-3, 3-4, and 5-1
There is broad-based disc protrusion at L4-5 up to 8mm with probable impingement on the L5 nerve roots in the lateral
recesses.There is also mild hypertrophy of the ligamentum flavum and mild canal stenosis. AP diameter of spinal canal is ``'.8cm.Degenerative changes in end-plates esp. 3-4-5 and at facet joints at L4-5  L5-S1

MRI  L3-4  disc dehydration with broad-based disc bulging.Facet joint &ligamentum hypertrophy
L4-5  more marked broad-based disc bulging with narrowing of the disc space and spinal stenosis due to the presence of facet joint hypertrophy and ligamentum hypertrophy in combination with the broad-based disc bulge
L5-S1   mild central disc bulging.  fatty marrow changes of the modic type present

Still have very noticable variations numbness and tingling hot and cold in legs and feet and ever present pain in my lower back. Any advice please

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