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arthroscopic surgery of lateral meniscus

I have  a question...I fell from a couple of a stairs and tore my lateral meniscus. The orthopedic told me that I have to get surgery because that portion of the tear is not healed. Also he mentioned that the cartilage in my knee is calcifying. So I want to know is the calclifying of my cartilage in my knee a long term risk for my knee?..And if I don't want to do surgery to take out the torn pieces..is it possible that my knee can still heal on its own? I have been having increasing lock sensation in my knee that is worsening by day and I don't know what to do?
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I think you'd follow the othopedic suggest.
During a football match I broke my left knee ACL and i had a meniscus problem: at the beginning i tried to avoid surgery but it was each day worst, painful and limited my life.
I got a surgery and now i'm again on the pitch and i'm having normal life.
If you don't pay attention and you don't get a surgery your meniscus will be worst until will block your knee.
Trust in your orthopedic and get the surgery: you will thank him.
Good luck.
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Thanks for advice..I will take it into consideration
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